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IPBC 2012 – IP at the tipping point

The value-creating potential in intellectual property has never been more high-profile than it is now. Auctions, patent-driven M&As and a growing number of other transactions have put IP on the front pages of business publications across the world.

In 2012, the IP Business Congress will focus on the events of the last year and will discuss their implications, as well as what happens next. Already established as the world’s pre-eminent event about IP as a corporate asset, the IPBC has never been more relevant to those who are responsible for creating value from IP, as well as those who offer them third-party services.

Nowhere else during 2012 will you hear so many top-level executives, investors and policy makers talking about cutting-edge IP value creation issues, nor will you have a better opportunity to swap experiences with them in face-to- face conversations at the many networking events that take place alongside the formal programme.

At long last it looks like IP may have reached the tipping point – it has become a boardroom issue. Make sure you are in Portugal from 24


Programme highlights

Investing in IP
Monday 25th June 14:05 - 15:35

There are now more ways than ever in which investors can choose to get involved in IP-based businesses of all kinds.

  • Patent monetisation models
  • Publicly listed IP businesses
  • Private equity perspectives

Europe's changing market
Monday 25th June 14:05 - 15:35

An EU patent and court are all set to be agreed, which means that major change is in the air in Europe. With this come both opportunities and dangers.

  • The new transnational EU patent system
  • Implications for IP owners
  • The prospects for non-practising entities

Inside Brazil
Monday 25th June 14:05 - 15:35

With a fast-growing economy and rising affluence, Brazil is becoming an increasingly appealing market for IP owners from across the world.

  • Understanding Brazil’s IP market
  • Brazilian industry’s point of view
  • The experiences of overseas IP owners

The tipping point
Monday 25th June 09:00 - 10:30

These are interesting times in the IP world. Major legal reforms, high-profile litigation and multi-billion dollar transactions mean that intellectual property has never been more prominent. So, what happens next?

  • Patent reform in the United States and Europe
  • Auctions, deals and court cases
  • The view from the trademark and copyright worlds

Outside looking in
Monday 25th June 11:00 - 12:30

Intellectual property does not exist in a vacuum. A variety of stakeholders have a significant interest in understanding how the value of this crucial corporate asset can be maximised.

  • The C-suite perspective
  • The investor perspective
  • The SME perspective

Monetisation models in biotech and pharma
Monday 25th June 16:10 - 17:40

While most discussions around IP monetisation focus on the high-tech sectors, there could be significant opportunities in the life sciences industries too.

  • Litigating and monetising life sciences patents
  • Creating a life sciences patent exchange
  • International perspectives

The new US patent landscape
Monday 25th June 16:10 - 17:40

The US IP ecosystem is evolving. Legislative reform and key judicial decisions have had a significant impact on patent licensing and other forms of value creation. New strategies and tactics are required to generate optimum returns, protect market share and shut out the competition.

  • How life has changed for non-practising entities
  • Life after patent reform
  • New strategies for operating companies

Understanding the Chinese market
Monday 25th June 16:10 - 17:40

Chinese companies are beginning to embrace the power of IP value and the country’s government sees it as a pivotal driver of sustainable growth. As a result, a new IP superpower is emerging.

  • Chinese company perspectives
  • International company perspectives
  • Growing sophistication

The IP route to recovery
Tuesday 26th June 09:00 - 10:30

In times of economic uncertainty, what role can IP and other types of intellectual asset play in generating business activity and delivering growth?

  • Building IP-based economic policy
  • IP in M&A deals from the banking/investment perspective
  • New markets, new geographies

The future of large IP acquisitions
Tuesday 26th June 11:00 - 12:30

Intellectual property has become front-page news in the business press, with a range of high-profile stories creating headlines. Some are talking of a bubble; others believe it is the start of a new age for IP deal making.

  • Corporate views on the IP acquisitions marketplace
  • IP in M&A deals from the banking/investment perspective
  • New markets, new geographies

Damages compared
Tuesday 26th June 14:05 - 15:35

How damages in patent cases are calculated varies from country to country. This has significant consequences for all patent owners, whatever business models they employ.

  • The operating company perspective
  • The non-practising entity perspective
  • The expert’s perspective

Up in the cloud
Tuesday 26th June 14:05 - 15:35

Cloud computing is taking off around the world. This poses a number of practical and strategic IP problems for the companies using it.

  • How companies are coping
  • Detecting infringement
  • Protection strategies

The IP reality gap
Tuesday 26th June 14:05 - 15:35

In many industries IP is not even in the top five items on the agenda. This raises a very important question: if IP is so crucial, why is it orphaned in so many businesses?

  • Are non-believers in the power of IP really at a disadvantage?
  • Are IP advocates too often blind to traditional motors of business growth?
  • Placing IP in the proper perspective within business decision making

Cash is king
Tuesday 26th June 16:10 - 17:40

Buying and selling IP has moved further up the corporate agenda over the last year. There are a range of issues to consider when looking to secure the best deal.

  • Giving buyers what they want
  • Valuation imperatives
  • Portfolio assessment

Increasing brand value and corporate innovation
Tuesday 26th June 16:10 - 17:40

While often omitted from the debate on value creation, the strategic use of trademarks can both increase patent value and foster innovation.

  • Leveraging trademarks to increase the value of patents
  • Empirical attempts to link trademarks and innovation
  • Defining the right strategy for your organisation

The strategic route to success
Tuesday 26th June 16:10 - 17:40

To maximise the value of their intellectual property, rights owners need an effective IP strategy that encompasses creation, management and exploitation, and is fully integrated into the overall business.

  • It’s not just patents
  • Strategies for SMEs
  • Benchmarking success

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